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Towable Mobile Lounge ALS-ML180

Towable Mobile Lounge  ALS-ML180
Towable Mobile Lounge ALS-ML180
Towed mobile lounge Bridge is designed for connecting the passenger steps with airport shuttle buses and flight attendants vehicle, It provides the best solution for passengers when they get off the plane in a   bad weather condition.The door on the left connect with the passenger steps,   the right door connect with VIP bus and the door at the end connect with the shuttle bus. It is equipped with (1) Double rotary device to open the door   (2) around the outside of the door frame, equipped with folding after   retractable awning. (3) under the frame of the floor board ,there is one   pedal to connect with the passenger steps.
Tractor length3840mmTotal Weight 7500kg
Mobile lounge length11000mmThe hydraulic oil tank 80 Litres
Tractor width2200mmMobile  ounge height 3100mm
Mobile lounge width3000mmWheelbase2100mm
Tractor height2980mm                (incl.wind deflector)Ground clearance 90mm
Turning radius5300 mmFuel tank capacity50 Litres
Tractor weight2050kg

The cab  standard driver seat and passenger seat
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